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What to Look for When Hiring Growth Marketers

Over 500,000 new businesses start every year and over 200 billion dollars are spent collectively on marketing annually. Building a loyal consumer base is more important than ever in order to stand out in a crowded market. Growth marketing has the power to attract consumers and turn them into champions of your brand if hired correctly.

What exactly is the role of a growth marketer? A growth marketer identifies marketing channels, solutions, and ideas to drive brand awareness, increase revenue, and achieve sustainable growth. A/B testing, value-additive blog posts, data-driven email marketing campaigns, SEO optimization, creative ad copy, and technical analysis of a user's experience are some of the tactics that a growth marketer focuses on.

If you’re searching for a growth marketer to add to your team, here are three qualities to look for:

  1. Data Driven – A growth marketer is comfortable with data analysis and has the ability to pull insights to determine what strategies are working.
  2. Product Focused – A growth marketer can clearly explain the benefits of the product in a way that will show consumers the product value.
  3. Storyteller – A growth marketer can use qualitative and quantitative data to tell a story that resonates with the audience.

With these talent qualities in mind, we recommend the following tips in order to stay competitive and continue to attract qualified growth marketing candidates:

  • You need to move fast. According to Adecco, the competition for candidates has never been greater. Nearly 24% of candidates are lost every four hours they are not made an offer.
  • Companies hiring remote workers are setting their pay by employer’s office location (62%) or employee’s location (38%) according to Robert Half.
  • When weighing job offers, workers most covet flexible work schedules (66%), remote work options (56%), and employee discounts (37%) according to Robert Half.

Unsure which type of marketer you need? Download our When, I Need, So That worksheet to identify the level of expertise you need for your business.