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Short or long term contractors embedded into your team to perform a specific role.

Who It's For

Companies looking for a strategic partner to guide them on which marketing roles are needed and to augment their teams with talent focused on driving business outcomes.

When to Use Marketing Contractors
  • The work your team is doing calls for a subject matter expert to be embedded into your team for a defined period of time
  • You’re looking to augment your current internal staff due to changes in workload (e.g. product launches, seasonal business changes, large scale initiatives)
  • You have a team member who is going on parental or sick leave and other staff cannot take the workload on during this timeframe
  • You need the role now, but you’re uncertain whether there’s a long-term opportunity
  • Business circumstances don’t allow for an FTE, but there’s critical work to complete
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Antenna Consultant Spotlight

Beth lowther

“Antenna provided an opportunity for me to work at a Fortune 100 Company where I could apply my career experiences and continue to develop current and new skills to build my resume – all while offering flexibility and balance to also be present for my family.”

Beth Lowther
Claudia Garate Patino

“During my consulting assignment with Antenna, I have been combining my skills in marketing, communications and social media along with my cultural knowledge to develop international strategies that are relevant to my client’s business. I have worked for the same client in both the United States and Mexico under a flexible arrangement that meets my client needs and my personal needs."

Claudia Garate Patiño
Sarah burke

“After working as a corporate marketer, I joined Antenna’s marketing community as a contract consultant. The experience has provided me with the opportunity to do meaningful and challenging work, while maintaining a presence and balance at home.”

Sarah Burke

How to Prepare for Marketing Contractors

Partner with an Antenna Client Development Director to guide you through these important steps:

  • 1

    Develop a brief overview of the business situation and duties of the role.

  • 2

    Consider the key qualities you are looking for in an embedded contractor knowing your business culture and the work at hand.

  • 3

    Gain management buy-in for outside contract support.

  • 4

    Define the screening process.

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