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2020 Independent Consultant Study

Antenna collaborated with cSquaredE to commission a study that uncovers insights about how independent consultants manage their practices.

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Chaka Way We Work Recap

Way We Work Webinar Recap: Chaka Booker

A recap of our webinar with The Broad Center's Chaka Booker, who shared practical strategies for building teams that reflect the diversity of our world.

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A Better Way to Make Marketing Work

We evolved our brand to more accurately reflect who we are, what we do and how we can help both clients and consultants. Here's the story behind it all.

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Scott Belsky

Adobe's Product Leader Scott Belsky

Navigating The Messy Middle

We often celebrate the finish line of ambitious endeavors. But what about the volatile moments along the path to success?

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Rachelle Schoessler Lynn

Gensler's Rachelle Schoessler Lynn

How We Return to the Office

The impact the global pandemic has had on our workplaces and the key considerations needed for us to return to work.

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Pat Petitti

Catalant Co-Founder Pat Petitti

How to Leverage an Agile Workforce

The rapid pace of change facing organizations, how an agile workforce can drive innovation and Pat's advice from Mark Cuban.

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Cindra Kamphoff

Author Dr. Cindra Kamphoff

Grit and the High-Performance Mindset

How to build grit and create a high-performance mindset and why creating a vision for your future is absolutely critical.

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Chaka Booker

Way We Work Webinar: Supercharging Your Talent Strategy Through DE&I

Chaka Booker, managing director of The Broad Center, will discuss practices that will leverage the complexities of identity and decision-making and improve how you manage your most important investment - your people.

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Way We Work Webinar Recap: Returning to the Office and the Future of our Workplaces

A recap of the webinar we co-hosted with Gensler's Workplace Director Rachelle Schoessler Lynn., which explored how the way we’re working during the pandemic is influencing how we prepare to return to work in the future.

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The Way We Work

The Way We Work, a podcast and event series started by Antenna CEO Brendon Schrader, discusses the forces reshaping our careers and workplaces with industry leaders, authors and influencers.

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