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The Winning Antenna Culture: Values, People, Community and Giving Back

By Brendon Schrader

After being named to the Minnesota Business Magazine 100 Best Companies to Work For list for 2015, Antenna was recognized at their recent awards ceremony event as the Bronze Best in Class Winner for midsize companies. We are thrilled to receive this honor and consider it a testament to all the hard work everyone on our team has done to make Antenna a great place to work.

Here’s how we do it.

We Follow Our Values

We’re not big on policies. Instead, our values are ingrained in everything we do. We want people to do the best work of their lives while they’re with us and we foster five values to help them do that.

  • Open. Live and work with a sense of urgency, always searching for possibilities beyond what’s expected, and open to new ways of thinking and doing.
  • Connected. Understand you are a part of something greater. Stay connected to each other. Be attentive to the dreams and goals of others as much as your own.
  • True. Be the person that other people trust. Set an example of character and integrity. Do what you say and say what you do. Always bring your best game.
  • Generous. Share your time, advice and connections with everyone in our community. By helping others grow and advance, we move the whole team forward.
  • Adventurous. Live with a sense of curiosity in your career as well as in life. Take every opportunity to learn, evolve your skills and better yourself along the way.

We Focus on People

We have a core in-house staff, but our consultants work on-site with clients on projects and assignments. Given our business model, it can be challenging for us to create a culture and a best-company-to-work-for environment when we’re not all in the same office every day.

So we make a huge effort to provide ways to engage that meet our team’s needs and demanding schedules. And, we spend a lot of time meeting our marketers at their client locations. By focusing on our people, soliciting regular feedback and listening to their needs, we craft programs and plans that are designed to help them succeed.

That’s the cornerstone. If people want a career in contract marketing consulting, we help give them that career without sacrificing important things like benefits, training and education, and (most importantly) a supportive community with shared beliefs and values.

We Build Community

Our quarterly consultant event is our premier event for creating community and developing our marketers. At least once a quarter, we bring all of our consultants back to the office to connect, network and learn. We select topics for each meeting that focus on marketing training and education, best-practice sharing, personal development or peer-to-peer learning. Many times we bring in expert speakers for workshops or discussions. Other times, we give our consultants a platform to share their work and draw upon each other for inspiration and ideas.

We also want our consultants to feel connected to each other. We host a private online community where consultants can trade ideas and provide feedback no matter where they are located. In addition, our online community hosts company documents that outline marketing best practices and other resource materials.

Through developmental programs and social events, we strive to provide many opportunities to create connection, culture and community.

We Develop People

Not only do we hold our quarterly consultant events, we also offer resources like executive mentorship opportunities and individual development planning. People who want help mapping out their career have access to a broader support system, strength-based assessments and educational contributions.

We Give Back Together

We want our people to feel connected -- not just to each other and clients, but to something bigger. We work with community and nonprofit organizations to provide meaningful volunteer opportunities for our collective team. By mobilizing our community of marketers, we can all make a difference together while creating a culture of giving back and staying connected to each other.

We’re grateful to Minnesota Business Magazine for the Best Companies to Work For recognition. We’ll use it as inspiration to continue building a great workplace for our consultants and teams so they can do the best work of their lives.

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