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Marketing Tips from the 2017 MIMA Summit

MIMA's 2017 Summit boasted an impressive list of sessions and breakouts, including three incredible keynote speakers. While none of the keynote presenters were marketing practitioners per se, they came with tremendous successes and experiences to share. Besides, smart marketers like yourself know how to steal the best strategies wherever they can be found.

Elizabeth Nyamayaro

The founder of #HeforShe and Executive Director of UN Women, Nyamayaro has years of success channeling her passion, building support, and making a difference. Her two standout pieces of advice may seem contradictory at first:

“Revolutions are never built on consensus.”

“We can get it done if we do it together.”

Make sure that you have the right people in the room for the planning stages, people who can be constructive but ultimately believe in the vision of what you’re trying to create. The key to success is not unanimity, but action. The signup for the #HeforShe campaign was always accessible, very simple to do, and was followed up with a public commitment on Twitter.

Whether you’re trying to build a global movement for gender equality or trying to launch your next product, be strategic about when you invite others to join. They may slow you down if you bring them in too soon, but you will never take off without your tribe.

Morgan Spurlock

The acclaimed documentarian and producer, Spurlock had a lot to say about innovation and disruption in the marketplace.

“Stand out and be helpful – but don’t be crazy.”

There’s a difference between doing something new and doing something wild. While Spurlock’s media projects have always sought to be unique, it was always in service to a larger purpose. It’s easy to lose sight of what is a statement versus what is just a stunt.

“If you make something that works, everyone is going to try it. Rip yourself off before others rip you off.”

As soon as Super Size Me became a hit, Spurlock knew that everyone was going to be trying the idea, so he decided to beat them to it. He ended up producing a whole series of 30 day experiment films, including living off of minimum wage and living in jail. His best advice: steal your own good ideas before someone else does.

Chuck Klosterman

“What is changing that will become the conventional wisdom?”

Known for his cultural commentary and intellectual analysis, Klosterman has lately been writing and thinking a lot about how the future will remember this period in history. Nuance tends to get lost in time, and in such a complicated world, what will endure? Are there things now that we take for granted as norms that will seem completely absurd in the future? Klosterman stressed the importance of questioning, with as much openness as possible, the way that things are done. We need to be wary of “what everyone unquestioningly thinks is good.” Whether it’s within your own marketing strategy, or your working assumptions about your audience and marketplace, marketers in particular have an incredible opportunity to reexamine and reshape what is thought of as “good.”

Antenna is so grateful to be an in-kind sponsor of MIMA's Coffee + Case Studies, and was proud to feature Brendon Schrader in one of the Summit’s breakout sessions, talking about the 2017 Marketing Trends Report. Stay tuned to the blog for more great content from the Summit, including Carlson School of Management Chief Storyteller Steve Rudolph on authentic storytelling, and Christopher Clarke, Creative Director at Oath on Kindness & Compassion for the Creative Process.

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