​Our Worldview Captured in 10,000 Pencils

Earlier this year, we asked our friends Jake Nassif and Travis Olson to help us express a new creative vision: Real Works, a platform that celebrates the deep understanding, relationships, and talent pool central to our company. In this brand idea, we saw not only a vehicle for communication, but a chance to create a unique experience inside our new headquarters in Minneapolis’s North Loop. That’s how the Pencil Project was born.

In the familiar form of the pencil, we saw a symbol for Antenna. It’s an essential tool for all kinds of projects—tied to learning, creating, rolling up sleeves and getting things done. With time and use, a pencil takes on a personality all its own and tells a story about its owner. Available in a huge variety, these objects create surprising richness when brought together, like the Antenna team.

Working with art producer Bethany Moyer and art installation specialist Shawn Holster of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Nassif, Olson and Antenna employees built the piece using 10,000 pencils collected from many sources, including friends, family and schools. Over a period of one week, each pencil was individually glued to a 10-by-12-foot frame, creating an immersive visual experience centered around the “Real Works” anthem.

“We always hope to create something unique and meaningful,” says Olson. “Antenna’s enthusiasm and embrace of the process made for a wonderful partnership.” Add Nassif, “It’s one thing to say you’re special. It’s even better to DO something special. We’re proud to help Antenna do the latter.”

Stop by and check it out. We couldn't be more proud of the final product.